Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Bigger Picture: Pt2!

Part 2 of a panoramic set I plan on doing,Will take LOADS of these and upload a few to the set!

What do you guys think of this one? like it? hate it? anyway to improve?  Check it out, It's where I upload all my art!


Liked the other one better :P

This is pretty too. The other one was better though but this is really cool man. I'm impressed at your art by the way!

this looks ace mate, good work

These are amazing! Keep it up man!

same as the above person, keep it up.

Nice pic, everything is so green. i really like it.

Beautiful panoramic. Always love your shots!

I wanna print one of those big pictures for my living room.
Amazing blog my friend.

We used to have panoramic school photos taken of us when I was a nipper. I always used to pull the V's on the sneak! +followed

Awesome panorama shot.

Awesome! I really like this picture! =D

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