Shutter speed and Exposure

Want to learn how to get light trails and other cool effects like above? or just want to learn more about manual settings on a camera? Take a Read!

Winter Lights 4:52

Week 4 In the weekly photo challenge; Winter Lights!

Development Shoot - Sharpness and composition

After my Windkarting shoot in the Summer, I went out to develop the skills I felt I was lacking in, and I chose sharpness and composition

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds technique, adds tension and dramatization to any photo! A must know for the aspiring and the experienced photographer alike!

Autumn Angles

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, Take advantage of it!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Buying a new camera

Christmas is around the corner, and you might be thinking about buying a new camera for that special someone, or even a nice gift for yourself!  Unfortunately, buying a camera is harder than ever these days, with so many brands making so many models, choosing a camera can be a more difficult than you first expected! So in this post, I'll be walking you through choosing your investment, from cameras you can pick up for under £100 to cameras so expensive, you practically need to take out insurance when you buy them!

What are you going to be using the camera for? If you're buying a camera to capture memories, I wouldn't bother going out and buying a £1000 camera, as it's full of things you don't need, but on the other hand, if you're a seasoned photographer looking to upgrade, I can't say I'd recommend buying a £50 camera at your local supermarket!

Of course, this is only my particular opinion, and the real decision is yours!

Some people, me included, don't have much money to spend on a camera, so another thing I must mention, is look online! You can find some great deals that you couldn't get in store, but make sure you're buying genuine products!

Having a higher mega-pixel camera doesn't always mean a better camera, there are many other things you want to take into consideration, such as size, photos per second, geotagging, and movie capability!

Some cameras have some really cool features, that can really sway your choice, and depending on what you need the camera for depends what features your looking for! Such as the new Samsung Multi-view (pictured below) that can be great for multi angle shots and the newer Sony Alpha cameras that can take up to 12 photos a second!

Remember to shop around and keep a look out, read reviews, and you won't be disappointed with your purchase!

Happy Christmas shopping! 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Vanishing Points

Hello! I've decided to do a post on vanishing points, as someone mentioned it in the comments, so I thought I'd do that!

A Vanishing Point is where two Parallel lines in a picture seemingly meet or touch, when of course it can't, it is just the perspective!

This technique can be manipulated to create some great mind meddling effects! Unfortunately, My example is rather boring and I should've spent more time on it, My apologies!

Here's the image I started with, as you can see, the rood of the platform, and the floor, as well as the floor and the tracks are perpendicular, and lead to a vanishing point.

Using the crop tool, I positioned the vanishing point on to a focal point according to the Rule of Thirds (rule linked in a previous post!)  

Finally, I adjusted the colours to make the photo a bit warmer.

And here is my finished product, with the vanishing point being rather large because I wasn't far back enough, But this was the best example in my sets I could find.

 Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, happy photographing! ;-)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Domain Name, and changes to come!

Hello! Today's post is just an update on where I'm going with the blog!

As you may have noticed, I've finally managed to buy a domain name for the blog! This is the first change in a series of many that should be starting this weekend!
I plan on getting a new template and adding a load of minor changes as well, so look out for the changes!

and don't worry, I have a post about either Lighting or Vanishing points coming this weekend!

Do you like the new domain name? Would you prefer an article on  Vanishing Points or Lighting? what should I change? Leave a comment below!

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