Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Bigger Picture!

A lot of cameras, have difficulty fitting a lot into a picture, meaning we may not always be able to capture what we want to, or have to miss some bits out.
   Is there a cure for this madness?   Yes! In the picture above, I took 20ish photos, And put them all into Autopano Giga, and this is the result! I added the bluring myself, the original pictures came out spotless, no lines or joins spoted, it was a smooth photo!

If you want to try it yourself, I recomend Autostitch, a free program that produces quite incredible results! It also has an iPhone app!



Nice photo buddy. I had this problem a few days ago but lacked the initiative that you have, I really did. Thanks for the recommendation too buddy, must check it up at some point in the future, I really will need to.

wow looks great , i'll try this program :D

Awesome software! Thank you!

Man, that looks sooo amazing! I wish I had a camera that could take panoramic pictures as wide as the one you have there :P Thanks for the program! :)

I did this once. Your's looks way better than mine though!

Awesome photo man, I dont even own a camera at this point lol.

My camera has this type of technology in it, it's great for panoramic photos.

Thanks, downloading this for my phone :)

hmmm...seems cool indeed!

wow autostitch is awesome! got the app too! thx for sharing

Awesome panorama! And thanks for the tip!

Following you!

one of the coolest panoramas i've seen.

You must have a good camera:)

wow man this is really impressing

so much advancement in photography i love the new panaramic views

Panoramic pics add a sense of greatness to photography! An almost 360 turn all around!

That is an awesome panoramic view.

Awesome pic man, I like to do panoramics too :D

I tried this a while back, it is awesome. Nice shot.

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