Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sim cards anyone?

Okay everyone, it's coming up to my first year with giff gaff, and I AM IMPRESSED. Run's on O2's network, so loads of coverage, and FANTASTIC prices, Have a look! remeber to order a sim form my link ;D


I'll have to check this out man. Cheers for the link.

If anyone was wondering, this is for the United Kingdom only or so it says here:

No coverage outside of the UK.

very cool, ill have to check it out. thanks for the tip-off!

Don't need one but if I do I'll keep this in mind.

I never heard of giff gaff. I'll check it out.

Ah i already got one of these ^^

That's a pretty good deal. Thanks for the link!

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I got mine in the post last week! I wish I could have used your link back when i ordered them.

very nice post :) great blog :)

+follow :)

thank you so much for this! great post :D

yeah great post :P nice blog :)

followed :)

Never heard of this. Interesting.

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