Monday, 5 September 2011


Normaly in life, one thing will catch your eye above all others in the scene, be it a person, an object, or any other mundane thing! In photos, the focus captures what really stood out to the photographer, even shows other people how they saw it, one more reason I love photography, seeing a different point of view!


Personally, I always carry my point and shoot camera with me, becuase when I havent got it, I always miss a fantastic photo, or somthing I want to express! 

Enjoy! :D


yes, it happens usually to me, i see all kind of things that i want to take photos to in the street but i dont carry my camera with me always :(

Yeah man I love photography for this kind of reason. It's always so cool to capture a moment in time forever.

Perception is subjective. Great action shot!

Inetersting photo. I like it.

The picture looks so serene.

Reminds me Google Maps street views a bit.

yeah, very good photo :D Great :)

Nice photo, I like photography too.

Even my cell phone dont have a camera, it really make me feel sad :(!

Good tip for the new photographers ;)

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that's cool, I do the same thing :]

You're pretty talented at photography man. Keep it up!

You've got me interested. +follow

This is great, I'm taking photography classes soon hehe :P

Great shot!! I a have a firm affinity for the maro shot, may have to post some of my work on my blog sometime...

I remember taking photography in high school :)

Like the photo. I never have an eye for the great photos, so I stopped carrying my camera.

Personally i hate taking pictures, but i love some people do! Atleast we see beautifull things once in a while :)

Nice photo you took there:D!

I'm a huge fan of photography, I wish I could afford all the cameras I want but I'll have to wait.

great picture man:D and yh if all else fails i know i always have my phones camera if im desperate xD

I should really get a better phone or at least a good cam, sometimes I regret not having a way to record some images!

Did you adjust the focus in post?

This looks like a Google maps photo

Nice. Maybe i should go and take some pictures too? All in focus of course ;D

that.looks.awesome. cracking work

Good on ya, that's the way to roll!
Come check me out =)

That is always the case! That is why I am glad my phone has a camera, but sucks it takes so long to load.

Awesome photo, thanks for sharing!

i really liked the blur effect in the picture!

I work as a photographer, and I've gotta say, your blog's pretty nice. Which camera are you using?

Also, +followed

I don't like this picture in particular. First of because it's not the distance that makes the focus. It's blurred in Photoshop. And secondly because the object is so close to the left it feel really unnatural focusing one object in the corner of your eyes.

Neither do I my friend, and you're very right! thank you for the input :) I dislike most of the photo's on the blog, they are more demonstrations at this point, but one day, I'll take a load of photos to update these posts :D

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