Sunday, 28 August 2011

Travelling through the Night

I love travelling, going different places, and exploring the world around me, and embracing new cultures. One of my favourite parts of travelling is the journey to get there, You could see the scenery of a whole different country  just by getting in a car and driving to get to a different place. The world is different, even in a space of 50 miles, Languages can differ, as can religion, and that is what makes the world such a large place. Variety.

In the next 4-8 years I want to go to 3 different countries, and I hope to be able to take many a photo, so have you guys got any ideas for attractions to visit in Japan, Australia and Canada? Or even a suggestion for a better country to visit?


Taken in Spain's Poble Espanol!



I really want to travel too! In a month or two I'm heading over to Ireland to check it out, but that will only serve to increase my hunger for seeing new places.

Visit Spain! It's an amazing country :) I live there at the moment and I love it so far... I recommend you come in the summer, because that way you can have fun at the beaches too!

@Pizza Thanks man :D

@Kyle Awesome! Where do you live at the moment? :D

@Hannah I've been to Spain twice so far, and I really want to go again, it's beautiful there!
And awesome! Thanks! :D

Well you should obviously stay away from the arabic states for the time being...

Man, I wish I could visit Japan...

Just some samsung digital for this particular photo,
and a Toshiba Camelio H30 for the otheres, Nothing big :D

Japan is great. If you like big cities then save at least a week for Tokyo, its huuuuge. I'm from Australia so feel free to ask questions.


That's gorgeous. I'm from Australia, and it's pretty nice at the moment, though the dollar is high.

Oh, I can't wait to go to Madrid! How'd you like it in Spain?

Spain was amazing, barcelona was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen :D And thanks guys! :D

The title of this post actually reminded me of an awesome night trip by train througs the whole country in my childhood. Man, those were great times.

I would travel too if the costs were not so ridiculous :). I'm intending to see some places, though.

You are always welcomed to come to Greece. I know the best attractions here ;) +1 F

i found this very exiting :D

Really nice pics you got here.
I'm loving it!

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