Sunday, 28 August 2011

What I love about Macro

It's quite amazing what details we miss in everyday life, It's what I love about macro photography, Seeing the details we miss in the rush of life.

(side note - I drink hundreds of these a month!)



I remember a few years back when I was in school and walking home my buddy and I would always stop and get this buy one get one free Relentless that our Tescos were selling. Sweet times man. The art on these things are actually beautiful, I never realised that before.

I did photography as part of my senior project back in high school. I remember my mentor telling me to just "go out and shoot stupid stuff". The idea was to help me establish a mindset of how pictures came out, and how to apply things such as framing and playing with the aperture /shutter speed balance.

ah, yes, the details:

@YeamieWaffles Nice man, and it's a shame they are so expensive now a days, and yeah, I also like the designs!

@adiaphoros Thats a good idea actually! I should go out and do that at some point! I'm taking Photography as a GCSE this year :D Thankyou!

@Linchpin Haha this is so true, Great photo! xD

That shit's gonna kill you.

Haha I drink loads of Monster Energy drinks daily to.

Yea, I think you should stop with the energy drinks ;p

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