Friday, 2 December 2011

Vanishing Points

Hello! I've decided to do a post on vanishing points, as someone mentioned it in the comments, so I thought I'd do that!

A Vanishing Point is where two Parallel lines in a picture seemingly meet or touch, when of course it can't, it is just the perspective!

This technique can be manipulated to create some great mind meddling effects! Unfortunately, My example is rather boring and I should've spent more time on it, My apologies!

Here's the image I started with, as you can see, the rood of the platform, and the floor, as well as the floor and the tracks are perpendicular, and lead to a vanishing point.

Using the crop tool, I positioned the vanishing point on to a focal point according to the Rule of Thirds (rule linked in a previous post!)  

Finally, I adjusted the colours to make the photo a bit warmer.

And here is my finished product, with the vanishing point being rather large because I wasn't far back enough, But this was the best example in my sets I could find.

 Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, happy photographing! ;-)


loved the picture and nice mini tutorial! thanks!

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