Wednesday, 25 July 2012

100 Strangers - The Start

So, I've decided to set myself a new project, and that project is to take portraits (hopefully good ones) of 100 people in a year. I want most of them, (like, 98%) to be of strangers, and any good ones of friends I might include too!  I've already got a start, I have 3 people, 2 young children, and a photographer! This post is just to mark the start, keep your eyes open for posts on this project!

P.S;   If you live in the Bristol (UK) area, and would like a few outdoor portraits done for me to use on this project, and for you to keep, contact me on, and I'll be happy to do them for free!

Also, you may have notice our adverts have disappeared. I was all ready to buy a shiny new lens with the profits of the blog, and then google has a paddy. Not pleased.

Happy photographing, and until next time!


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