Monday, 30 July 2012

Wind Karting

Hello Everyone! Back today with a post of some shots I took on a day down to Weston-Super-Mare, a seaside town, where sports involving wind such as kite surfing, wind karting, wind sailing and just kite flying are big attractions! I got the chance to photograph some real talented Wind Carters while I was there, and here's the shots I got;

Very proud of this one, I like the angle, and where the light is in this photo!

This one uses the panning technique, a technique I'll be giving a full tutorial on for my next post!

Another panning shot here, like this one more than the one above, as it looks crisp, and brighter!

more panning....

and more panning.......

This fella twisted his kite, but as he got it back flying, it lifted him off the ground a little!  I like this one, and if you look in the background, you can see a kite surfer! I like the composition of this one, but it was more luck than judgement I think! 

Nice bright shot here, very contrasty! (According to my spell check,"vontrasty" is actually a word!

Used a clone stamp tool, to get rid of a kit that was in the way of this shot, and I think it was effective! I'll have to write a tutorial on how to use the clone stamp at some point, but I don't know when! I'll keep you updated on when I plan that one!

Another one I  really like, because of the lighting, I thought the lighting made this shot very effective!

Bit of a plain image IMHO, however this man's kart was VERY fast!

Second image, taken seconds after the above image.

So there are some of the shots I got at Weston, I have some more of the wind surfers and kite surfers, so I'll post em' when I can get round to em'! You might also notice the new watermark, I've started putting these on images from now outwards, as I was told by a fellow photographer, who runs a blog similar to mine got ALL of his pictures copied and sold on print through a website without his permission! He advised me to watermark my images, and here's the first set with them on, what do you think? Does it look good? Bad? Do you like the photos? or maybe not, whatever you think, comment down below, and until next time, Happy Photographing!


Amazing photos man, wind karting seems like a heck of a fun time to me as well, you should be proud of that first one, you should be proud of them all in fact!

I love all of your photos! What sort of camera do you use?

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