Monday, 3 October 2011


Mornin' Guys!

So a  while back while I was shopping,I found these:


I absolutely love them, and have had them on my wall for a while now, but I've had to take them down to make room for something else, and I couldn't throw them away, they are too beautiful!

Do any of you guys want to buy them? £15 each+ whatever postage is to your location, Email me at  Open to offers :D


A good idea to sell them...
Good luck my friend.
nice blog.

That last one is pretty trippy; could just stare at it.

Woah, that second one is awesome.

Nice, I also like the second painting, I wish I had something like that on my wall haha.

Nice that you're selling them.

Though I thenk they are quite ugly.

They're so pretty! Sadly I'm poor, but I'm sure someone would love to buy them!

2nd is cool, first is boring :D

Great Pictures in the post! I've been following your blog and I look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep up the good work!

The splatter paintings are nice, but I'm not fond of the flower.

3rd one looks really nice

They look like space. Very nice. Too bad my walls are full as well.
Take care

That a pretty nice idea!
Keep up the good posts

@Shaw, I disagree! The splatter paintings look like rubbish to me, but the flower is alright. Generic, maybe, but I like the style.

Both are awesome i like the 2nd one more but both are cosmic

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