Sunday, 9 October 2011

After Effects!

When looking or thinking of photos to take, taking the photo is only the beginning! With powerful editing software available for free online (e.g Picnik) taking the photo is only the first step!
          This photo was taken on a gloomy day, in a few minutes, with no preparation, when I got home,I opened it up on paint. That's right, good ol' MS paint,and I PAINTED the sky blue! Lo-tech edits master ;)
 I then uploaded it to picnik, straightened the photo out, and cropped it into a nice size,  and had a mess around with the exposure and contrast,I then added a focal zoom for the blurring effect,and Voila! A finished picture!

Even if a photo look awful, mess around with it,You might be surprised! 


I've always wanted to learn this.

Looks so fast! I like it! Incredible how easy it can be!

Great blog man, I love it. Keep your work up. +follow to yu.

Great effect, really like it.

the magic of picture editing

That looks surprisingly good given the limited tools and software you used, bravo.

It looks so hypnotising. Good blog man!

That looks really awesome! With paint?! Amazing, keep up the good work!

Haha wow, I would have had no idea that picture was taken in bad weather.

i would like to learn that :D

great effect , always wanted to learn this

wow! it's soooo good mate!

that's very true with just about all pictures out nowadays, makes for some interesting things.

i really like this effect! tried to imitate it in my paitings in highschool, but didnt had succes

it makes me wonder how it was should post a before and after photo xD

i am getting dizzy looking at it o.o

After reading post title, I thought that it will be about Adobes After Effect program, which I also reccommend for some more interesting video editing :)

Wow, considering it didn't go through Photoshop, it looks pretty good!

Always wanted to be able to use programs like AE, AI, and PS -- but, alas, I am creatively-stunted.

Thats awesome what program do you use?

I love these kinds of pictures

Approaching the speed of light

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