Sunday, 3 June 2012

Smart Cameras - Opening the possibilities

I'm not a huge fan of point and shoots. They are nice and compact, but in my opinion, they are just not cut out for what I need them for, but this new range of Samsung Smart Cameras caught my eye, for more reasons than one, and the main one? Wi-fi capability.

Samsung's new smart cameras have the power to open up something to photographers and mainstream consumers alike. Samsung's new range allows you connect to the internet via built in wi-fi, and than upload photos to your favourite Social networking sites, or even to the cloud. This means your photos will be hosted online. Imagine never losing those photos when your camera goes missing, or being able to share the moment, while still in the moment. This however doesn't interest me enough to get one, but it does interest me in the potential uses for Photographers looking to use this technology. I got researching, and found a useful, if not a little expensive way of gaining wi-fi for a camera you may already have. It's called the Eye-fi, Eye-fi is a wifi enabled SD card, that when connected to a network of choice, it automatically uploads your files to your PC, and depending on your model, you can use AT+T hotspots to upload, and it will delete the photos when uploaded, making room for more photos. So now we're talking upload photos as you them, ready for editing later, and a bottomless amount of memory. That's what I'm talking about. This memory card however, is $99 (about £69) and is only 8GB, which if I was honest, is an easily filled, depending on what I'm shooting, and lets say I'm out of wireless range, the card becomes pointless. So we're getting closer to what I need. What I think should be done is DSLRs with 3G/4G capability, even if that means I'd have to pay for data allowance. I would than have an unlimited amount of Memory, because all my photos would be sent to a cloud server, or uploaded somewhere, as long as I was in an area where 3G is available. I think Samsung has started to touch on the use of wireless being integrated into the camera, and Eye-fi has got what it should use the wireless for right, all that needs to be done now is integration in more cameras, and the ability to upload from anywhere via 3G/4G.

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That actually sounds pretty awesome, and it'd probably be handy for an amateur like me.

This sounds like something I'd love to use. I could take pictures of food and then put it directly onto my site. Brilliant!

Sounds like a pretty good camera for what I need too!

I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a more popular feature in smart cameras, it seems like a great idea.

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