Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Blur of People 8:52

Hello All!  Today I have week 8's photo, called A Blur of People! Now this shot took a hell of a long time, but I love the outcome, I had the idea while I was walking in town and everyone seemed to be running and not paying much attention, and this came to me, so I set up my tripod behind a sign (to try not to hinder anyone) and set the exposure time to something like just over a second's exposure, (but if you want to do this yourself, 1/30 or slower should work!) and set the aperture as high as possible, and the ISO as low as possible, because  for the blurring to be captured, the exposure time had to be fairly long.

I LOVE the outcome, was really pleased that this worked, what do you think?


good photo, most of the other stuff on here is a cliche mess.

Elaborate anon, I'd rather have something to work on and make the site better for you, and "cliche mess" isn't much to go on, what do YOU want to see?

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