Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blue skies and Construction 7:52

Here's my week 7 photo, entitled "Blue skies and Construction".

If you look through most of my shots recently, you can really see where I am experimenting with empty space, lighting and Positive and Negative space in photos.  Positive space is the part in the photo that contains the focal point, or the subject, which in this case is the crane, and the Negative space is the sky surrounding the crane. Photographers usually leave large amounts of negative space like this when the photo is for a poster, or magazine cover, as the Negative space can easily be filled with text without covering the focal point.

That week wasn't a very productive one, and I didn't get many shots. the ones I DID get, were crap, so here was the best one from that particular week.

Keep Photographing, and feel free to share your photos that include a lot of negative space below!


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