Sunday, 8 January 2012

Contemplation 2:52

This weeks photo was taken in a Starbucks, in a mall near where I live, with our subject being My friend Calum!

I was out with him all day today, and I got some really nice photos, and I may upload a Set of it all in the week!

For this photo, I set a low aperture to get some background blur, and used a nice angle along with the use of Rule of Thirds to give the photo a more emotive feel.

For editing, I first corrected the colours by increasing the exposure a bit, and then used the blemish remover tool to fix some issues Calum wanted me to address.

Then Finally, I used the colour splash technique to make our subject stand out a lot more and give the whole photo a dramatic feel!

I'm quite happy with this photo, although I had trouble with the Black and white effect, because It's quite hard to paint out hair, but it's not bad!


Its amazing work! I like this photo^_^

a very neat photo! I love the reflections :)

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