Saturday, 19 November 2011

Band Set

Hello! Toady I've got a little post and a few photos about Portraiture and Theme!

The other day, me and two other band mates were in a garage, practising and I couldn't miss the chance to get some photos,

The above photo is quite boring in colour, but in black and white made it looks a lot more emotive. When taking photos, always think of what you can do to them afterwards, and how you can adjust photos to give a better feel and atmosphere! 

Colour splashing! Draw attention away from the things you don't want people to see and towards what you do want them to see, you can do this in picnik, using their black and white tools!

Softening; this is a like colour splash. use the soften tool in picnik, and then using the brush tool, remove the effect from the desired focus point, which in this photo, is the guitarist.  This effect can add a lot of depth to a photo, and really help make the composition of your photo look a lot better! you can also use this effect in macro photos.

Having trouble defocusing the background in your macro photos? Use the soften tool to give the same effect, then use the brush to remove the softness from your focus point!

Use vignetting (the blurred shadowed edges) to draw attention to the middle of your photo, and create a more emotive photo, how ever, I dislike this photo, as the vignetting is far too strong.

That's all for now guys! Thanks for reading!


i had a bend when i was young a death metal band :D

heheh that way to take the pictures really makes them look well XD though even they are a band it doesnt have a picture of them playing in group XD?

seems that each of them practice separatly

ahhh reminds me of my old band days.... viva la CHOICE!

Interesting, but I like your "pro" tips better (compositions, focusing, etc.) :)

good luck with your career :)

Guitar close-up's a great picture, but the re-coloured one looks pretty amateur.

Very nice pictures i like the guitar pick with the close up

the pictures are really great !

Great pictures man! I really like it =D

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